Stay & Train

A Fresh Approach to Dog Training….
  • We can collect your dog from your home
  • Your dog will be entertained & trained by me at our premises or at a suitable location
  • We guarantee to work with each dog in our care one on one between group entertainment, socialisation and other activities
  • The daily fee for this is £35
  • For an initial appointment we would need to work with the client and their dog together before agreement is made to undertake stay and train. This is to ensure everyone’s interests are met including those of your dog

Stay and Train began several years ago when clients requested David train their dogs for them. Initially David was reluctant believing then that the client or dogs owner needed to undertake training with their own dog themselves, however considerable success was the result due to expert handling and perfect timing of reinforcement. Following around three sessions, clients reported a considerable improvement in areas such as dog reactivity, pulling on the leash, recalling and leaving of foul items that the dog was intent in rolling in or consuming.

As long as the dogs owner is prepared to work with David and follow the advice given, this method has proven to be extremely successful.