Training Tips

Teaching your dog…….

Training a dog is not about making it perform in a particular way but is about influencing it to make it want to perform for you!

Have a look at your dog’s breed and then ask yourself: –

“What was he or she bred for?”

By answering the question you can probably work out for yourself the reason why it behaves in the way it does!!!!

To train a dog you must firstly have a great interaction with it…..
  • Gain it’s attention – it’s eyes looking at you, it’s tail wagging
  • Show the dog what to do by luring or guiding
  • Add a signal or command such as ‘sit’etc as the dog complies
  • Tell the dog how great it is and reward it by interaction, praise, food, game with a toy etc.
  • Repeat the action three or four times and have a break
 Unwanted behaviour
  • if feasible and behaviour is unwanted, make it impossible for the dog to do!!
  • interrupt to stop
  • train an alternative (re-direct) and reward
  • exercise extreme self control

A loved, guided satisfied dog is happy, full of life, and manageable! “CONTROL THE GAME – CONTROL THE DOG” John Rogerson